Condo Insurance

Protect your condominium with the right amount of insurance coverage. Condos are unique in the real estate world. Condo insurance allows you to protect your investment, your finances, and your belongings.

What Condo Insurance Covers

Accidents and unexpected surprises happen. An appliance malfunction could lead to water damage that ruins your condo’s hardwood floors or carpets. While you’re away at work, someone could break in and steal your brand new, high-def TV. A cooking fire could quickly destroy your appliances, furniture, personal belongings, and the interior of your condo. 

Condo insurance provides protection against these, and other, covered losses. 

Dwelling Coverage

Just like traditional homeowners insurance, condo insurance provides dwelling coverage to help with the costs of repairs or replacements to your home after a covered loss. But condo insurance is different from a standard homeowners policy. With condo insurance, you typically only need coverage for the interior of your dwelling. The exterior of your condo (exterior walls, hallways, and more) is typically covered by your HOA’s insurance policy. With condo insurance, you get dwelling coverage for the inside of your home, without having to pay for coverage for the outside.

Personal Belongings Coverage

You’ve invested a lot in making your condo a home. You’ve hand selected each piece of furniture to reflect who you are. Your condo is where you unwind in front of your tv, listen to music on your smart speakers, and connect to the web on laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and gadgets. It’s where you keep all of the things that define you: from clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories to sporting equipment and supplies for your favorite hobbies. Condo personal belongings coverage protects all of the things you love by insuring your favorite things against theft, damage, and loss.

Liability Coverage

If someone visits you in your home and gets injured, liability coverage can protect you against the high cost of medical bills or lawsuits. From a guest slipping in your kitchen or tripping down your stairs, condo liability coverage can help you from paying out of pocket for someone else’s injury. Typically, your HOA’s insurance will cover third-party liability claims in the event someone is injured outside of your unit - like in a common area such as a hallway, fitness room, or by the pool. 

Insurance for Your Condo

Protect your home and the belongings within with condo insurance. We can help you determine the right amount of dwelling, personal belongings, and liability protection to ensure your condo is covered. No matter what type of dwelling you want to call home, you deserve to have the right amount of coverage in place. Call us today to find out how affordable condo insurance can be.

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